Credit List

The Sopranos(TV) 2007,The Black Donnelly’s(2007)(TV),The Class(2006)(TV) ,Big Day (2006)(TV) The 12th man (Pilot)(2006),The Lone Ranger(Pilot)(2003),The Agency(2001-2004)(TV),Touched by an Angel(1998-2001)TV, The Luck Of the Irish(2001)(TV),Hostage Hotel (1999)(TV), The Perfect Getaway(1998)(TV)


Oliver Beene (TV)

The Lost Battalion(TV)


Fatal Error(TV)

Invasion(TV) Movie


The X-Files (TV)

Walker Texas Ranger(TV)

Metlife “Going Up”                              (Commercial)  2012

Kia    “Sandman”                                (Commercial)   2012

Lexus “Golden Opportunity ES”         (Commercial)  2011

IBM   “Watson”                                   (Commercial)   2011

Hyundai    “Easy on the Eyes”           (Commercial)  2011

Sony     “Two Worlds”                        (Commercial)  2011

Valspar    “Powerful Reactions”         (Commercial)  2011

Jameson Whiskey  “Fire”                   (Commercial)  2011

The Rite                                             (Feature)       2010

HP      “Kevin Garnett All Arounder ”  (Commercial)   2009

Lexus        “City”                                 (Commercial)    2009

Nike         “Chalk”                               (Commercial)    2008

Schwarzkopf   “Coloriste”                  (Commercial) 2008

Bacardi    “Mojito”                              (Commercial) 2008

Bacardi    “Sundance”              (Commercial)  2008  *VES WINNER

Chevrolet    “ Wildthings”                   (Commercial) 2008

Chevrolet      “Baby”                          (Commercial)     2008

National Treasure : Book of Secrets(Feature)            2007

Cadillac CTS                                    (Commercial) 2007

Nike “The Plan”                                (Commercial) 2007

Nike “Leave Nothing”               (Commercial) 2007   *VES WINNER

Pushing Daisies (TV)                     (2007)

Capitol One (Commercial) (2006)

Night At The Museum (Feature) (2006)

Superman Returns (Feature) (2006)

The Sopranos(TV)

The Unit (Pilot)


Compositing Supervisor

Visual Effects Supervisor

The Tempest  (2010)

The Bronx Is Burning (TV) (2007)

Pushing Daisies (TV) 2007

Star Trek: Remastered (2006-2007)

Broken Trail (TV)

Desperation (TV)

Category 7:Day of Destruction (TV)

Into The West(TV) *Emmy Nominated

Vampire Bats(TV)

The Mountain(TV)

The Winning Season (TV) *Emmy Nominated

Kitchen Confidential(TV)

Jake In Progress(TV)

Digital Compositor